Hot Yoga Dublin

Reviving a Yoga Studio Amidst Pandemic: A $20K Victory in Just 3 Months?

The pandemic dealt a blow to Hot Yoga Dublin, forcing the studio to close its physical doors. Despite having a strong social media presence, their outdated website and absence of an online class structure posed a significant challenge.

The result

With resilience and a determination to keep the yoga community alive, we shifted our focus.

We built a membership-driven platform, allowing the yoga spirit to continue virtually.

This strategic transition led to an impressive outcome – a $20K triumph within the first three months of operation.

"Micaela is a gem! Efficient and creative, she nails perfection and knows her markets. Passionate and dedicated, no task is too small – she's simply transformative!"
Jane Nolan
Co-Founder, Hot Yoga Dublin

Brand Identity

Original logos

First drafts

The main goal of the rebranding was to give the studios a common denominator under the main brand, HYD Studio.

Yoga is all about flow, organic movements and community. Toning down the blues gives a feeling of calmness and relaxation.

myhotyoga dublin is the logo for the online, on-demand classes.
Adding the word “my” to hot yoga dublin gives a sense of belonging, highlighting the community feeling.

Final logos

Visitors first 2 weeks
Members in the 1st month
Generated revenue in 3 months

Inside the membership site

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